Preparing the fish

Preparing the fish for cooking at the cabin or at home

Materials needed

  • Cutting board
  • Filleting knife
  • Pliers for removing fish skin
  • Drinking water
  • Paper towel for drying the fish
  • Container for saving the tomcod roe
  • Plastic food storage bag for the fish
  • Trash bag


To make gutting easier, the fish should be semi-frozen. To determine if it is semi-frozen, press on the fish skin with your index finger. The imprint of your finger should remain.

1. Gutting the fis

  • Cut off the head
  • Cut off the fins and tail
  • Make a long incision down the belly
  • Use your thumb to remove the entrails
  • Save the roe – a membrane with yellowish contents
  • Filleting knife
  • Couteau à filets


2. Remove the skin of semi-frozen fish (if desired)

  • Use a knife to make an incision the length of the dorsal fin
  • Use a pair of pliers to remove the skin

3. Wash and dry the fish

  • Wash the fish in clear water
  • Dry the inside and outside with paper towel
  • Now the fish is ready for your recipe!
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